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to ann, august 12 05
You are my day dream
My wet dream
My expired daily bread
My too-late morning prayer
My too-long working hours
My too-short lunch break
My forgotten after-office traffic
Each of sleepless turn in bed

You are my pinkish rainbow
My awaiting dusk
My blushing dawn
My hopeful afternoon
My restless evening turning dark

You are a promised heritage
You are my owed prophecy
My undying pet
My soggy pillow
My everyday fear
All my worries
My priceless consolation

You are my drying tears
My cancerous heartache
My due pain
My unheard giggle
My thorough laughter
My love

You are I
You are what I cease to be
Why I cease to be
You are sinking into my unfathomable hollow of sense.
And meet me there craving you.
last modified on Fri 12 Aug 2005