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down the road
melbourne 04
will be the tomorrow's shadow, to cling on
one too-lovely tale for the future
a folk song along the journey
sung from a neighbouring soul 
when we each won a guiltless' heart
we were saved by unconsumed contention
for the first smile and the very last tear

is my unwitting stride, fleeting
chasing you to the nimbus 
waiting for the rushed rain casting yesterday's echo
between sidewalks along a stream, we are building a bridge 
where we're dangling our cheerful feet 
tossing the blue sky below the water

was the yesterday's dream, i'm longing
curiosity from the past
foretold joy and abandoned guilt 
we then relent to the memories
yet we'll fight till we lose ... alone 
but lingering the cold lost is our sweetest victory
last modified on Mon 10 Apr 2006