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Driving a bus with you along the sandy beach
to sandy, Feb 2005
You smile, you laugh
like an innocuous virgin boy's first night
You cry, you despair
like an over-excited middle-aged man's premature ejaculation

I see you as an innocent little girl
tirelessly driving a bus with overloaded sense
Take me on the ride! Carry me along!
But don't put me on the first row, please
Not too close to the screen, for a fear of opera the windshield brings

Your passion lights up the blackest road, scares the lost foxes 
While I'm sitting in the farthest seat, worrying you, while smiling, overtaking the nearest stop.

Don't leave me behind, but don't leave me ahead as well.
Walk together with me through the Garden of Eden to the Noah's Ark 
We know our journey just began and the end is not so near.
last modified on Mon 20 Jun 2005