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the inseparable one
sg jan 04
what questions should we ask for this answer?

maybe none, there is no question at all
because even a question will only bear multitude doubts,
maybe there was an answer only,
	for the unthinkable questions and unreasonable quest

a slumbering cocoon for a butterfly, a crowd of comforting clouds for rain
	we all have the one we are dwelling in faithfully
	and separating the inseparable one from the separable grains 
	under incessant harvest of false hope
what we seek is probably just an everlasting name
	not the splendor for the beauty, 
	neither the beauty of the ugliness, 
	nor the ugliness from our humility
the only scale for the immeasurable is the inseparable one herself
it is not a fight to be won for unavoidable glory is unexchangeable with undeniable loss
indeed, it is a sweet exploration where once we are lost without losing
riding the painful thirst that gives taste to joy

hence, we keep searching in the west and the east and the north, 
... northwest and perhaps, south of it, further, ... slower 
occasionally she passes us by unnoticed,
or sometimes she mischievously pretends not to notice when we timidly traces her shadow 
	as the minute to the hour hand — chasing and flirting, desiring midnight

and we still keep looking, hunted by a private self-crafted prophecy
high in the promising valley and low on the tallest deceitful hill, 
	standing excruciatingly
gazing from the paling dome, 
	we are the stars for journey of the dying dreamers
craving the perfect bleached moon, 
	we are the beautiful morons longing happily for the inseparable one.
last modified on Mon 10 Apr 2006